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Poeticallyours . . . Terri Durden  40pp. stapled 8.00

In "Poeticallyours . . . " Terri Durden has collected some of her best work highlighting her interests in poetry, music and African-American history.  Some of the poems include: "Poetry's Essence Parts 1-3," "In between jazz&bluesnotes," "Mo' Jazz," and "Fight Back."  Her work is rich with issues of universal importance that are often ignored by our TV drama society.  Ms. Durden's style varies from the rhythm of a rapper to the lyrics of a songwriter.  Her words take you on a ride into her poetic mind. 

Terri meets Sonia Sanchez

  Terri Durden is a performance poet, playwright, and director who uses the voice of an African American woman to speak to all people about issues of universal importance. She presents her work with energy and emotions, also focuses on the human components of bigotry, poverty, drug abuse, love, sex homelessness, child abuse, AIDS, fear and hope that are often ignored by our TV drama society.

This mother of four resides in Lancaster County where for many years she has been strongly involved with the city youth. She has written several plays including a production that was performed in 1997 at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster, PA. The play, entitled, "Our People...Are Going Up... In Smoke" toured Pennsylvania youth correctional and drug rehab institutions.

Terri has written, directed, and choregraphed plays and dance/poetry numbers in several area venues including high schools and community centers. She has performed in coffee houses throughout Central PA as well as in Philadelphia and New Jersey. In 1999, she performed during the Black History celebration at the Pennsylvania State Capitol.

Terri is a former board member of the Berks Bards, and is a founding member of Lancaster Poets Out Loud.