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Spontaneous Chili assembled by stevenallenmay

  "From the first time I 'logged on' in March 1998, I realized that it was as I had envisioned. The Internet - wow! Soon, I had created a chat room on AOL called 'beat lounge' and in there throughout that summer and into 1999, I worked with other online writers/poets. What was created was an interesting phenomenon called 'sponting' or spontaneous creation.

I call mine 'Spontaneous Chili'. All of these poems were created online with at least one other person. All persons who contributed are referred to by their sn (screen name) only. The only person who I know I collaborated with in making a 'spontaneous chili'  happens to be the girlfriend of the bass player for antijazz conspiracy, a spoken word band. The rest - I would not know if I passed them on the street.

Anonymous creation. Interesting times we are living through........"


A book review of Spontaneous Chili

s - a - m has been writing in progressively abstract language since the late 1990's. Intrigued by "Japlish", magnetic poetry, and madlibs; he has been working on creating a text that foresees the future. Poetry as written by HAL from 2001. The blur and intensity of the internet as recited through the voice 'box' which serves Stephen Hawkins. Merging technology with language. These are key meanderings within the cimenagraphic whirl that constitutes s - a - m's work.