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"I'm Not Finished Yet..." by Dianne Miller 90pp. $10

"I'm not finished yet . . ." is a collection of Poetry and Prose by Dianne M. Miller.  This is a compilation of the poet's work to date, covering the last 3 years of her work.  Witty, thought provoking and sometimes humorous, this collection encompasses all aspects of the artist's life.  Even her photography is featured in the pages of her book.  She has hosted poetry readings in Lancaster and appeared at readings all over the Lancaster and Berks County areas as well as in Philadelphia.  The author wishes to stress the fact that her life is a work in progress and she's not finished yet! Among the poems: "Abandoned,"  "Love and Albert Einstein," Two Beer Minimum," and the ever popular, most requested at area readings, "My Shit."

     Dianne Miller is a writer, photographer, physical therapist, mother and wife (not necessarily in any order whatsoever).  She's also a graduate of Temple University. 
Dianne Miller resides in Lancaster County, PA with her husband, daughter and son, two dogs, two cats, and "Carrie". She has been writing most of her life.
Her involvement with the Central Pennsylvania poetry scene began in 1995 when a friend invited her to a "Two Thought Minimum" at a local coffee shop. Soon, she began producing a newsletter by the same name and eventually took over hosting the series. Her public appearances have taken her to college campuses, coffeehouses, art galleries, and an appearance at the Painted Bride in Philadelphia.
She has served as Vice President of the Berks Bards, inc. from 1999-2003, began Lancaster Poets Out Loud in 2001, and has been instrumental in the continuation of the first 30 day poetry festival, Bardfest, which occurs in Berks County, PA each April.
Dianne began Plan B Press in 1999 with poet stevenallenmay.