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Plan B Press / short history form

Plan B Press began as the brain child of stevenallenmay, who along with Dianne Miller, started it in 1998. Plan B Press evolved out of a poetryzine called "Two Thought Minimum" named for the poetry series where they met in 1996. Dianne was the one with a computer and the desire, stevenallenmay was the one with the idea and the energy.

Initially publishing poets from Central Pennsylvania, Plan B has evolved into a more urban-based Press. The goals of the press remain the same; present an alternative to what other Presses can't or won't do.

With a shift at the top from Dianne to s - a - m, an editorial shift has also occurred. Plan B Press is looking for those artists who might, in this age of internet and digital access, not be entirely comfortable with the confining tag of "poet" or "writer" but who sees his own work as something beyond labels. An artist who presents multimedia work, including text may in fact rather be called "artist". This merging of technology and art with the striction of literature and poetics is the space that we now attempt to fill. It helps, of course, to have a visual artist on board and we in fact have a great one in Katy Jean.

The future
is w i d e o p e n