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Plastic Sunrise by stevenallenmay

Plastic Sunrise is the first full collection by stevenallenmay. It addresses issues of abandonment and suicide ("Nev Hwy 160 Stop", "Found Dead in Hotel") as well as trying to make sense of a mad world ("Word Seduction", "Vortex Ends in Glory"). An homage to the Beats("Hippo Stew", "miscellanous overcoat"), this volume also considers the direction poetry is headed in a hypertechnologic world("guitaretard", "infinitesimal"). Ever the experiementer, s - a - m challenges our expectations at the dawning of his literary career.

stevenallenmay is a poet, writer, performance artist, events coordinator, series curator and host, filmmaker, collage maker, and experimenter with technology & language. s - a - m is the creater of 'Bardfest', the first 30 day poetry festival to occur in the US during April, National Poetry Month. He founded Berks Bards, inc., a 501 (c) 3 poetry nonprofit organization and served as President from 1999-2001. He co-founded Lebanon Poetry Project (2000) and Lancaster Poets Out Loud (2001) before moving to Philadelphia where he presented 'Poets Among US' in April 2003.

s - a - m has conducted workshops in high schools and was a presenter at the 2003 Greater Leigh Valley Writers Conference.

He has formed and curated poetry series throughout Central PA and is currently host of 'the Eternal NOW!' at Robin's Bookstore and 'Hyperverse' at the Last Word Bookshop, both in Philadelphia.

s - a - m is the assembler of Spontaneous Chili, a collection of internet-constructed poems made in an AOL chatroom during 1998-99 as well as the author of Vintage Steven, a chapbook.

In 1999, in addition to presenting Bardfest99, he began Plan B Press with poet Dianne Miller, collaborated with online artist Bird culminating with the chapbooks Numraga and Pyxis. He also performed with bassist Joel Livingood as "antijazz conspiracy", a spoken word band.

He coordinated the 2001 'Poets & Painters' project with artists of the Berks Art Alliance, produced a public access TV show (re)VERSE, and currently is a cofounding member of the multimedia performance troupe called REPO.

s - a - m singlefathered three sons for over 20 years, has two granddaughters, and in 2002 married the artist Katy Jean. Together they live in Philadelphia with many canvases, various projects in stages of completion, and houseplants.